Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heaven in Her Arms by Catherine Hickem

Heaven in Her Arms is a book that takes us on an adventurous journey into Mary’s life. We see her in three different roles throughout this journey: as a young woman, as the mother of Jesus and as God's daughter. The one constant characteristic that we can find in all of these roles is her complete trust and obedience in her God.

The thing that I loved about this book is that the author does such a great job introducing us into Mary’s life, with all of the details that shaped her, with her inner thoughts and struggles. 
Everything is so greatly brought to surface so that we can understand the incredibly important role that Mary had into shaping Jesus as her child and as the Son of God, the Messiah. 
We also get to see what was so special about her that made God chose her, of all the women, to be the one to entrust His most precious Son to. 
And even though she does not play a central role in the nativity story, she was the person that faithfully trusted and obeyed. So her role into the nativity story was to rely on God and trust that everything will happen exactly as God  had planned it to happen.

I never thought about Mary in such a deep way before, but now that I read the book I can say that her story is one that I believe God is using to teach us, women, some powerful and important lessons that can help us become the women that He crated us to be. Mary teaches us how to fully live that perfect plan that God has for each of us. 

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